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Main Characteristic
1.Can machinable such materials from 30-100g of domestic and imported kraft paper,glossy paper,white cardboadr and so 
2.Adopt inflatable shaft to feed,magnetic powder brake tension control to control the paper's tension;
3.Feeding part combined with film,four color printing system,by independent servo control printing range,enclosed,type 
drying device;
4.Host servo control automatic piercings ,joint glue,tensile forming,folding V output and automatic counting;
5.Adopt integration high precision synchronous drive system,can accurate high-speed press printing distance cut bags 
cylinder,error of plus or minus 1mm;
6.Use color screen man-machine interface operation,simplifies the operation steps.


技术参数 Technical parameter
型号              Model HY-350
纸张克重          The paper Gram                  30-100GSM
最大纸卷直径      MaxDiameter of Roll Paper       1200MM
最宽纸卷          Max.Width of Roll Paper         900MM
成品袋宽度        Width of Finished Bag            80-350MM
切长              Cutting Length                  110-450MM/200-780MM
成品袋长度        Length of Finished Bag          175-760MM
风琴深度          Depth of Organ                  12-60MM
最大速度           Max.Speed                      600PCS/MIN 150M/MIN
主机伺服电机      Host Servo Motor                5.5KW
牵引伺服电机      Traction Servo Motor            3.5KW
刺孔伺服电机      Torn Hole Servo Motor           3.5KW
拉断伺服电机      Snap Servo Motor                3.5KW
整机功率          Total Power                     16KW
机器尺寸          Overall Size                    178W*11000L*253h CM
机器重量          Total Weight                    5500kg