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Structure features 
1. Introduce PLC and In-touch screen human-machine interface centralized control system, with reliable performance, easy for operation and maintenance. English/Chinese language can be changed easily. 

2. Shaft less hydraulic material loading system with chuck, hydraulic up/down system 

3. Automatic constant tension control for unwinding, EPC web guider system, motor for material feeding with inverter 
Wheel type gusset unit with motor driving. 

4. Servo motors for main feeding and bag length control 
Closed type automatic glue application and forming system 
Paper impress, bottom folding, gluing and bag formation can be completed automatically. 

5. Side lay working table, easy operation. 

Technical parameter: 

Width of Paper 320-930mm 

Length of Bag 155-505mm 

Width of Paper Bag 80-290mm 

Width of Bag Bottom 60-160mm 

Paper weight 60-180G/M2 

Max. Diameter of Paper Roll 1200mm 

Internal Diameter of Roll Core 76mm 

Max. Speed 200PCS/min 

Total Power 18.5Kw 

Weight of Machine About 9000 kg 

Overall Dimension L9000mm× W3300mm× H1900mm