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Structure features


1.The paster punched square bottom paper bag machine consists of feeding device,the paster device,punching 
device,forming device,receiving device.also is in the original feeding device to separate into gle film window sections 
with sticker,plus a set of punching device.
2.This paper introduces the touch screen man-machine interface,easy to modify and fine-tuning.Alarm and working status 
can be displayed on the screen,easy operation and maintenance.
3.Equipped with PLC centralized control system of company of K.Punlun Tongtai,Germany SICK photoelectric 
correction,tracking accurately printed material,as far as possible to reduce adjustment and preset time,improve the 
production efficiency.
4.People-oriented safety protection,the whole building design,ensure the safety of the operator.
5.Inflatable axis hydraulic loading system,chuck,hydraulic pressure system of up/down
6.Rolling constant tension control,automatic feeding system EPC network guide and inverter,motor,to minimized network  
alignment adjuctment time.
7.The design of high speed to ensure successfully:appropriate paper within the scope of the production,capacity of 
8.Original Germany Schneider electric system to ensure better stability and reliability,perfect after-sales service,for 
customers without any fault.
Technical parameter
Model                                                             SBR-460W
 Width of Paper                                             600-1300MM
 Length of Bag                                              270-520MM
Width of Paper Bag                                     220-450MM  
Lenght of Paper Bag                                   225-470MM
 Width of Bag Bottom                                  60-180MM
Paper weight                                                60-180MM
Max.Diameter of Paper Roll                      1500MM
 Internal Diameter of Roll Core                 76MM
Max.Speed                                                    150PCS/MIN
 Power                                                            15KW 
Weight                                                           9000KG     
Overall Dimension                                      9600MM*2500MM*1800MM