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China’s Pioneer of Paper Bag Making Machines

Date:2013-9-26 Read Num:27次


 To begin with, the fledgling Nanjiang Factory struggled to make an impact on the market. In seeking opportunities to grow, Xu learned that a rival paper bag manufacturer had imported a paper bag making machine. After conducting his own market research, he found that domestic paper bag makers produced their products manually due to the non-availability of local paper bag making machines. Xu recognized this situation for what it was: an exceptional business prospect and a great challenge.

Ready to capitalize on this opportunity, Xu imported a batch of bag-making machines that had been manufactured at the beginning of the 1990s. The model of machine he brought in was still state-of-the-art equipment in China at that time. After further painstaking research by Xu, including an analysis of the structure of the machine parts with the factory's research team, they developed a strategy for how to improve the machines and, in so doing, created a more advanced bag-making machine. The upgraded machine was more suitable for the requirements of domestically produced paper bags. When the machine was officially launched in 2002, Nanjiang Factory became the first bag-making machine manufacturer in China.

The “NANJIANG” series of products, independently developed by Nanjiang Factory, include the HD-340 and the HD-430 Sheet-Feeding Paper Bag Making Machine, the HD-330 Roll-Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine; the WFD-400 Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine; the ZSL-400 Paper Handle Making Machine, the WFD-430 Roll Fed Paper Bag with Twisted / flat belt Handle unit, WFD-450 Paper Carry Bag Making Machine with top folding and handle unit;
At China Print 2010* Nanjiang Factory have launched the WFD-430: its latest high-speed roll-feeding paper bag making machine with handle unit which has high speed, high production efficiency and a broad adjustment range. The machine features advanced international-standard technology that eliminates creasing at the back of the bag. It is an amalgam of the best aspects of international and domestic paper bag making machines and has automatic feeding, constant expansion control and a full-function control panel PLC system.

Nanjiang Factory received ISO9001:2000 certification in 2004 and CE certification in 2005.